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The National Health Performance Authority closed on 30 June 2016. From 1 July 2016, activities related to reporting against the indicators contained in the Performance and Accountability Framework (PAF) are the responsibility of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Refer to for further information on the PAF.

The National Health Performance Authority began operations in 2012 and provides impartial information about the performance of local health care organisations across Australia to inform consumers, empower clinicians and service providers to drive improvements, and increase transparency and accountability.

Our reports enable all Australians to compare more fairly how their local health care organisations are performing against other organisations across the country. And they give clinicians, service providers and policymakers access to timely and impartial information about how health care organisations are performing against national standards.

Our Hospital Performance reports focus on providing information on local hospital networks, and public and private hospitals. Our Healthy Communities reports focus on Primary Health Networks and other organisations that provide health care services to the community.

The National Health Performance Authority does not report on the performance of individual clinicians in either hospitals or primary care. For more information, see the Performance and Accountability Framework (Policy principles, Section two).

The National Health Performance Authority Strategic Plan 2012-15 defines our role and emphasises our focus on respectful consultation with stakeholders. Our stakeholder engagement strategy encompasses federal, state and territory governments, health system managers, clinicians, professional and industry groups, non-government organisations and consumer groups. Our consultation processes contribute to and inform our reports program.

To ensure the integrity of the data we publish, performance data are provided to the Authority by system managers, such as state and territory governments (in the case of public hospitals) or the Department of Health (in the case of Medicare-funded services).The Authority conducts a number of checks to ensure data quality.

We use peer groups, where possible, to ensure that comparisons are as fair a possible and not unduly distorted by other factors such as patient characteristics.

To access reports released by the National Health Performance Authority, media releases and other products visit Our reports.

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